Sunday, July 31, 2011

More random planks

I think I'm addicted to planking and I'm spreading the infection rofl
Congrats to Mel on her first plank <3
Counter Plank
Board Plank
Dryer Plank
Cabinet Plank
Elvis Plank
TV Plank
Piano Plank
Trash Plank
Hot Coals Only Plank
Playground Plank
Dugout Plank
Branch Plank
Rock Plank

Hope you enjoyed my #2 plank set :D

Gangster Project

My buddy Jarkko & I are str8 gansgsta dont mess or you'll get capped

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011


my fav song ever enjoy.

Treptow cooks up some stir fry

haha he's a quick vid I shot of my crazy friend treptow cooking up some stir fry for me and dave


Dumpster Dave Plank

Lmfao an attempt to do a dumpster plank goes wrong


DavidG & I decided to go planking today while we were out lmfao check it

DavidGSuckaFree n friends

Hey guys I'm gonna help run this shin dig too. Hopefully you can enjoy our videos and laugh ur asses off and if not fuck u =] we'll have everything from us in real life doing stuff to skits hope ya enjoy


lol blog wat

Been thinking about blogging for awhile and finally conquered my lazyness!

basically what this blog is is just me doing random stuff at random times with random people lmao if you watch alot of my vids you'll start to recognize some familiar faces but everyone gets a kick out of my random ass videos and I'm sure u will too

be sure to share with your friends if this blog makes u lul =)

~ Stink